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Here are a few pics I took today from the exhibition. Sorry, only one British layout, but it does give an idea of the scope of modelling down under !

^ Time & Patience, a NSWGR model set in the late 60's. Below, same layout as above. Backyard detail

v Wallerawang, HO scale NSWGR prototype layout.

v O gauge modelling on Valley Heights. The Coal drop and below that, a cut away engine shed.

v Binalong, HO scale NSWGR layout.

v Whereisit, another HO NSWGR layout.

v Somthing for the N-gaugers out there. Back of Beyond, running NSWGR and American trains.

v '638 Mile'. Yet another HO scale NSWGR layout built by Canberra Model Railway Society.

v (next 2 pics) NSW Branch of the AMRA (Australian Model Railway Association) O gauge layout. First pic of 3801 and Electric train, 2nd pic, DCC in O gauge - sound, radio chatter, exhaust smoke...

v Next two pics, Bridport South, the only truly British layout at the show.

v Next few pics. Bathley Creek. A beatiful NSWGR Ho layout set somewhere in the forested hills. This layout had some awesome ambient sounds from bird life to barking dogs !

^ My son Jack, who was totally amazed at this layout with all the ambient sounds.

v 'Kids Corner', where children could drive one of 4 Thomas characters around.

v The National Model Railroad Association getting the children involved with building small 5"x7" dioramas.

Cheers, Gary. 



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Thanks for posting the photo's of the layouts Gary, I'm impressed with the scope of modelling some really good layouts to be sure.



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