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Buildings for Hemyock - Scratchbuilding. - More Practical Help - Your Model Railway Club
 Posted: Thu Feb 6th, 2014 01:35 am
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aberdare wrote: Thank you Doug and Chris for your comments, much appreciated.
As for the scale it is 4mm.  I like to scratchbuild as much as possible so I always try that first before buying anything, except the track that is as that would take too long though I have made some in the past. 
As I quite enjoy fiddly little bits maybe I should have gone 2mm:)


Well, Jim,

I recently tried to do a commision for a 'large Downton-style mansion' in N, well, how difficult could it be, after all there are some right no-hopers here who cobble together some tatty little bits of card and plastic to do the 'watchmaker' stuff, so to an affishi-on-ardo like me, simple-pimple!

Oh how I woz humbled!!!!

The cataract in my left eye is my  'excuse', the Doc says that when I get used to it I will ignore it's effect and use my right eye as my master eye and ignore the shadow, but in truth, these N-gaugers are an alien species, they look at the modelling world through a telescope and I'm mighty impressed having tried it!

[I think that a certain Aussie has an unfair advantage because he's looking at U.K. railways from a distance......]

So, if there are any watchmakers out there who  could lend their talents to a big mansion, with stables etc as part of an exhibition layout, let me know and I'll put you intouch with the interested party......It will be a nice little earner.

Meanwhile, I'm off for a slice of my home-made Dark Chocolate and Satsuma Brioche......[Yes, I got the Paul Hollywood baking book for Christmas, which together with the crumpets, soda bread and whole-meal bloomers makes me 'top-of-pops' with the local ladies of my aquaintance. The only problem is that not one of them could do with the extra calories.....]

Best wishes,

Doug the Dough-boy

'You may share the labours of the great, but you will not share the spoil...' Aesop's Fables

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" - Benjamin Franklin

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 Posted: Thu Mar 6th, 2014 02:43 am
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Time to catch up on the progress of the engine shed.
The first thing I decided to complete was the planking, this was made in the same way as the carriage shed with a 0.25x 0.5mm strip glued to a 2.5mm wide strip to simulate feathering when fitted.
The original roof I made was scrapped as the tiling – in my opinion - was poor so I decided to start again, this time I used plastic instead of tape and card, I continued with the covering of the roof with slates until I reached the level where the vents were going to sit and would then be completed after the latter were fitted.
These had been made earlier and were much smaller in height than the first ones I made which were far too large, a trial fit was made and a few adjustments carried out before finally fixing into place. Here are the vents fitted and the last few slates waiting fixing.
Once these were fitted it was a case of adding the ridge tiles to complete the roof assembly, these were made in the same style as the carriage shed earlier in the thread. I then gave it a quick colour wash of grey/black to highlight the gaps and any issues that may need addressing.
Coloured and ready for any tweaks, such as flattening those raised slates.
 I also wanted to add some rafters and battens inside as these could be seen through the open doors when sitting on the layout, so I have just been fitting these to one half of the shed, the other half is still to be done. There are two windows to be replaced so please ignore the missing damaged windows seen as these will be replaced once I’ve finished all the roof work.
A shot to show how it would appear, it looks as if I have to do more than first thought as it is surprising how far you can see inside. Oh well it’s only time and a few bits of plastic, I’m sure it will be worth it in the end

Right I’d better get back to those rafters, windows and of course the doors, it’ll need doors.
Modelling came to an abrupt halt when I ran out of 0.01 x 0.02 strip, where did that last 40 odd strips go? It must be one of the most used sizes by me. I will order some more but I may as well check what I need for the goods shed too as that will be next on the list but I may need to rough up a drawing first.

In the meantime I thought I would knock up some hinges for the doors which will be working versions so I can open and close the doors.
First I soldered some strips of brass to micro tube (0.6/0.8mm). Then I shaped them roughly with the mini drill and a stone.

Threaded some wire (0.45mm) through and separated them, I will now tweak them to get them as similar in shape as possible.

I then drilled some holes for the hinge support pins

Hopefully when the doors are made it will all work perfectly, 

which it did.

 Now I wonder what to do to lock the door, bolts or hasp & staple, the latter I think.

My layout thread

Buildings for Hemyock
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 Posted: Thu Mar 6th, 2014 03:18 pm
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Hi Jim,

Great update and the engine shed has come on some way. I like the hinges, very good ! :thumbs

Cheers, Gary.

____________________ a young lad, it was big trains for little boys, now it is little trains for big boys...!

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